TTD Weekly Spotlight – Watchman becomes a principal, four skills you need to teach your students and more


Welcome to The Teachers Digest’s Weekly Spotlight. Here’s a look at the news that went viral this week. Have a good weekend!

You know somebody is talented when the Late APJ Abdul Kalam calls a true scientist. Read about the high-school dropout who went on to design a refrigerator which runs without electricity.

What are the four skills you should teach students on the first day of school? Here is what a former teacher thinks you should do.

The motto “Hard work Pays” has never seemed more appropriate. Ishwar Singh Bargah began life as a watchman and a gardener. He went on to become the principal of a college.

Somebody had the genius idea of setting up a preschool inside a retirement home. One of those ideas that work like gangbusters when you actually see it in action. Perhaps India should consider something along the same lines?

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