TTD Weekly Spotlight – ReThink Cyber-bullying, 8 Forgotten Freedom Fighters You Should Know About, The Toll Free Helpline That Prevents Dropouts In Rural Schools, Read & Ride Program & My Rockstar Moment contest.



Hey teachers! Before you dive into our weekly spotlight, We have an exciting news for you. The Teachers Digest announces “My Rockstar Moment” contest for all the teachers across India.  Winners get personalized gifts form The Teachers Digest Team as well as an opportunity to  get their story published on our website. For more details Click Here.


ReThink Cyber-bullying : The efforts of this 15 year old, resulted in ReThink, a software that prevents cyber-bullying. Meet Trisha Prabhu, a student of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Illinois.

8 Forgotten Freedom Fighters You Should Know About : There are many famous freedom fighters who played a big part in India’s independence from the British. Here’s are 8 of them who we may not have heard of, or who deserve to be heard of a little more.

The Toll Free Helpline That Prevents Dropouts In Rural Schools : Thousands of rural youth drop out of school and college every year because they cannot afford to study further or don’t know what to do next. This toll free helpline gives them valuable career advice and provides information about various financial support mechanisms like scholarships that they can use

Read & Ride : Teachers signed their classes up for 15- to 20-minute blocks of time in the bike room, and students brought a book or picked up an educational magazine. The program was dubbed Read and Ride.

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