Thirteen Hallmarks of A Great Teacher


Just as there are a few qualities which define bad teachers, there are a few qualities which define good teachers too.

Here is a list of them. It is by no means a definitive list but you will find that most of the teachers who made a great impact on you possessed at least a few of these qualities, if not all of them.

shutterstock_146690336-[Converted] 1.A Good Teacher Loves Learning & Teaching – A good teacher enters class, teaches their students, relishes every question or doubt that is asked, ensures that their students are learning, learns something in process and comes back the next day, determined to do even better than the day before!

2.A Good Teacher Respects & Cares for Students – A good teacher knows that their students are people. They know students have emotions that should be valued and accord them with the kind of respect that they would like to receive. They never trivialize or marginalize a student’s problems or ask them to act like an adult. Good teachers are not insensitive or harsh. They are polite, listen to whatever a student has to say, offer only the advice or words that are necessary and let their students know that they are not alone.

3.A Good Teacher Is Kind & Strict – A good teacher does not confuse being kind with being lenient. They know1 (23) when exactly to be kind and they know when exactly to be firm. They know that rather than being lenient with students, in order to get results, one has to be firm. They do not mind being called dragons or taskmasters because they know that more than friends, students need mentors to guide them. Even though they are strict, they are never unfair, and more than their kindness, it is strictness which makes students admire them.

4.A Good Teacher Works Hard At Being Good – A good teacher does not rest on his or her laurels. Instead, they work harder than before, determined to teach students better, to improve the process of learning, to ensure that their students have fun learning. Good teachers set their own personal goals of excellence and hold themselves to a higher standard than others do. Sometimes, this means that they do get more stressed out than usual but sometimes, this means that they

Vectors (12)5.A Good Teacher Educates & Inspires – A good teacher does not just teach. A good teacher know how to get under the skin of their students, inspires them and makes them want to do their very best.

6.A Good Teacher Is A Consummate Professional – A good teacher takes their job very seriously. They always make time for bettering themselves, improving their skills and learning more about teaching. Good teachers know that they have they ability to impact a student in all the ways that matter. They want to teach students to the best of their abilities, so that when students finally do leave school, they do so with a sense of having accomplished something.

7.A Good Teacher Knows When To Have Fun & When To Be Serious – When not in class, a good teacher can be one of the most fun-loving persons to exist. But when in class, they mean business. And they expect the same from their students too. It is not that they dislike having fun. They just know when they should have fun and when they should be serious.

8.A Good Teacher Knows The Difference Between A Genuine & Fake Excuse –  Good teachers canshutterstock_96851335 instantly see through students’ excuses. It is a skill they develop over time, attuned as they are to how students work. If they do let a student get away with a flimsy excuse, it is not because the student pulled one over them. Rather it is because the teacher is feeling generous that day.

9.A Good Teacher Does Not Play Favourites – Good teachers have their favourites but they will not pit one student against another and nor will they gloss over students in favour of others. They treat their students equally, praise and punishment-wise.

shutterstock_11239421010.A Good Teacher Is Always Prepared for Class – Good teachers always come to class armed with a plan as to what to do. They don’t come to class and then decide what they  are going to teach. Their plans are not always on paper but you can bet the teacher has one. If what they have planned does not work out, most teachers even have a back-up plan of concepts/things to teach.

11.A Good Teacher Always Pushes Their Students To Do Their Best – A good teacher always encourages all students to do their best. They don’t expect the best grades or 100 out of 100 all the time. All they want is for students to study and work hard. To those students who are not academically inclined, good teachers will push them to go as much as they can. They will however not expect them to achieve the impossible. As for those teachers who are academically inclined, good teachers will push them as far as they go, because they know these students are capable.

12.A Good Teacher Has A Gift For Making Any Lesson Interesting – Good teachers can even take the mostVectors (241) boring of lessons and spin something good out of it. If they cannot make it interesting, then they will find a creative way to teach it so that it becomes interesting. A good teacher is not going to let any topic defeat them!

13.A Good Teacher Is Never Afraid To Admit They Are Wrong or They Don’t Know – Good teachers have no problem admitting that they are wrong or that they don’t know. Rather, they just look at it as an opportunity to learn more. Good teachers know that they do not know all that there is to  know in the world and that they do not have all the answers in the world.


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