4 Steps To Plan A Productive Teachers’ Day Out!


Taking your students to a field trip expands their learning through active hands-on experience. However, it’s not just students who benefit from learning outside the classroom; teachers too when allowed to go on an teachers-only field trip get an opportunity to improve themselves, have fun and bond better with their colleagues.

The pesky thing about field trips however is that they require plenty of planning beforehand. And sometimes, the planning can get to be overwhelming because of all the little details. Here are 4 steps to organize a productive teacher’s day out!

shutterstock_54000739-[Converted]Before The Trip

1. Plan – Planning for your trip is the initial and the most important step. Decide on the place you want to visit, and plan the date and duration of the trip. Make sure you also figure out the estimated cost. Also make a list of teachers who you think might be interested in attending the field trip.

2. Reach Out – The next step is reaching out to your colleagues and informing them about the plan. You must also take into account the fact that not all people might want to go to the same place.  So make sure you have a selection of places which people can vote on and decide on. When the final plan is ready, inform all your colleagues about it and collect their feedback. Make sure that you give them accurate information about the time and the place. Also inform them about any necessary precautions they might need to take.

shutterstock_1975567583. Arrange – Making arrangements is the next step. Pack your bags and make sure you carry an emergency first aid kit. The first-aid kit should contain cotton, antiseptic lotion and other pain-relief sprays. Carry your daily medication if you have one. Also carry medicines like pain killers, antibiotics and paracetamol etc. Make sure that you carry energy drinks and fruit juices. Apart from this make sure you and all your colleagues carry their school ID’s and personal identification cards.

4. Recheck – Before you start your trip recheck for all the essentials. Ask all your colleagues to recheck their stuff for essentials. Make sure that the vehicle you hire for travelling is in a proper condition and that the driver is experienced enough to handle the vehicle.

On The Trip

1 (229)1. Relax – Now that you have started your trip, you need to sit back and relax your mind. Forget about your classroom and the stack of papers that you assess daily. All you have to do is to spend a day out happily with your colleagues. Take group photographs with them and capture the moments. Take a deep breath and think nothing for sometime. Have a group lunch, share your lunch with your colleagues and make your day special.

shutterstock_1181893722. Interact – You might not have got a chance to interact with all your colleagues in your school. This is the opportunity! Grab it and start interacting with your colleagues. Help quiet teachers to interact with others. Ask each of the teachers to address the teacher they admire the most. This allows you to know all your colleagues better. Ask them to talk about their inspirations and aspirations.

3. Explore – Once you reach the place where you were destined to, do not get carried away with the conversations with your colleagues, explore the place and observe as many things you could. This would be helpful for you when you take your class to a field trip to the same place. Know more about things at that place. Follow all the rules that are prescribed at the place. Be cautious with danger spots.

shutterstock_1167685994. Play – Once you have explored the main place of your trip, you can continue with building relationship with your colleagues. Play interactive fun games with your colleagues. These games refresh your mind and make your trip memorable. Teachers are sure to enjoy these interactive games in the field trip. Capture the moments in your camera and use these pictures for the school yearbook.

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    Teachers’ day out is good idea/suggestion. Most schools never organise something like this for teachers.
    All suggestions are worthy while on trip.

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