My Rockstar Moment – Veena Garg


Editor’s note: We will be posting the runner up entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Veena Garg of St. Marys Senior Secondary School

Just last week my son asked me what was my reward for being a teacher who has taught thousands of students over almost 30 years? And my answer was the same incident I am writing about below.

Mentioning just one story is not fair to all the wonderful students and all the incredible moments in my career. But there’s one which still brings a smile to my face.

Ms. Veena Garg with her students.

Ms. Veena Garg with her students.

It was around 7pm when I started from my school after the Annual Day function. On the Ring Road, my car developed a puncture and there was no mechanic in sight. I called my husband and was waiting for him when some school students noticed me. They were on their way to a movie, but they called more students and within 10 minutes there were around 15 students just like a roadside party! They repaired the car, and then insisted I join them for dinner! They could have simply called a mechanic and carried on with their plan, but they cancelled that because they thought dinner with me will be more fun! That’s when I realized that maybe I’m also a friend to them, not only a teacher.

And what better reward than that?! :-)


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