My rockstar Moment – Subhagata Pal


Editor’s note: We will be posting the winning entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Ms. Subhagata Pal of Legacy School Bangalore.

I am a Nursery teacher and everyday my experience with the children is different.I am going to share one of my happy moments which has taught me to be positive always. As per our time-table we do language based on Jolly phonics programme everyday to enrich children’s vocabulary, knowing the sounds of the letter being introduced and follow up activity.

Subhagata_PalIt’s a repetition everyday through games or quiz time. This child Rohan(name changed) never used to say anything due to language problem, even after repetition and one to one attention. Everyday I used to hope that he would participate and say at least something but never happened. One day while I was having my snack, Rohan came to me smiling and started showing me action and saying the sound of the letter of each alphabet introduced in the class.

I was so excited, emotional and surprised to see him telling me which was unexpected. I am still wondering what made him to come and surprise me or has he sensed I was worried. I cannot express that mixed up feeling for that moment but enjoyed the achievement. I have learnt never to give up and keep trying till magic happens.☺


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