My Rockstar Moment – Rabia Khan


Editor’s note: We will be posting the winning entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Ms. Rabia Khan of Mount Abu Public school.

I had an impression in my mind that the students can be handled properly only when we are strict . Believing in this I started the first day of my teaching . I started behaving  in a very strict way but a  child never listened to me. 

Rabia Khan with her students

Rabia Khan with her students

A day came when I decided  not to pay attention on him  any  more . But slowly and gradually  I felt  bad and I asked him to start with the subject he liked  most . He took out Maths, his favourite subject  and completed his work  without being intervened by me . Then I asked him to take out the subject  he wanted  . Now I understood how to handle this child and from that day I started his work with the subject of his choice and he started taking interest in his study and showed a drastic improvement in his academics .

This was not just an incident for me but it was really a great lesson as it taught me  how to handle the child and how to deal with them . That experience still helps me in handling the students in a better way and set an example .


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