My Rockstar Moment – Promil Bali


 Editor’s note: We will be posting the winning entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Ms. Promil Bali of Titiksha Public school.

It was 4th August 2004, we all at Chaman Vatika Residential School, Ambala were rejoicing the first showers of the year, though very late than normal.
In a home away from home, boarders gathered to thank the Rain Gods for the generous rain. In our excitement, little did we realize that the water levels were slowly rising.
Promil Bali

Promil Bali

When water gushing in reached almost 3 feet high, we got alarmed. News broadcast announced it as Flash floods. Soon furniture, beds, and possessions were floating. My senior students suggested me to use bed boxes to evacuate junior students at a faster speed. Seeing their courage, determination and will to help, we started the evacuation process. Tears streaming down, heart thumping, effortlessly lifting children harbouring them to safety was prime-most concern. Rising muddy water with worms and insects, disconnected electricity in the dormitories were no hurdles for us to save 350 boys and 200 girls from the hostel.

Vividly remembering the moment devoid of dupattas, slippers, deserted on road side facing the media with tears to announce 100% successful evacuation.
15th August 2004 was MY ROCKSTAR MOMENT as Ambala Administration felicitated me for stupendous courage. Thanks to Almighty God and all my students for inspiring me.

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