My Rockstar Moment – Nidhi Basal Goyal


Editor’s note: We will be posting the runner up entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Nidhi Bansal Goyal of Christian Eminent School, Indore.

I am a teacher since Last 3yrs.Really there are several instances where you cried, laughed, enjoyed, inspired as well as irritated by your students.But No matter what you have done, your each and every student leaves his/her little impression in your heart forever.


Nidhi Bansal Goyal with her students

I scold them, but I love them just like my kids. I cried when they failed or they are sad. I felt proud on their winning moment. I shared food with them.  I shared their life their problem their happiness with them..
For me they are not just my students, they have become my family & a precious part of my life.
Generally, teachers teach students but my students taught me . I am Science teacher & was scared of Maths from my childhood.But today because of my students I can solve all the maths problems up to class 10th. My students taught me MATHS.
FB_IMG_1441352206243“Really teaching is the only profession where you teach and in return Learn a lot”
Really it is amazing to be a teacher & I m proud of my profession.
My students help me bring my potential out.
Love You all students.
All the best for your future

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