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Editor’s note: We will be posting the runner up entries from ‘My Rockstar Moment’ contest this entire week. We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories by our rockstar teachers.

Here’s the Rockstar moment of Ms. Lakshmi Satish of  Legacy school Bangalore.

My second year at Legacy school, when I was the class teacher of Grade 2 was full of memories I treasure.

The greatest was my Birthday –It was like every year where I am usually shy about sharing my birthday. However, one of the student’s parent’s birthdays is same as mine and coincidently the students got to know.

My students made ‘secret’ preparation. They had even discussed their plans with co-coordinator and other teachers to understand the possibility of decorating the class and keeping it locked before I arrive. On the day of my birthday, I was overwhelmed to say the least. My students had arrived before 7: 40 am and decked up the class. There was a 2 kg chocolate cake set with candles, match-box, knife, plates and tissues. There were so many hand-made cards, flowers and gifts. It was heart- rendering considering they were just about 7 years and had managed to get going so much secretly. Great teamwork, planning! During the next PTM, couple of parents even shared what joy the students had to plan my birthday and that they as parents do not get that sort of attention and status!


Ms. Lakshmi Satish

Beginning of  this academic year I had to take off from school to attend to my mother who had a fracture in Mumbai. Each day, my students would pray for the recovery of my mom and wish that I return back soon. I learned this when I was back through the teachers and students.

My students are wonderful bucket-fillers, i.e. they would make others feel happy and good. Joshua a bucket-filling champion once transferred his plants to his classmate’s pot without her knowledge so that the other child would not feel bad that her plants never grew. His self-less remains an inspiration.


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