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Here’s the Rockstar moment of Komal Mahajan

I want to share an experience which inspired me and realized me the true role of teachers.

Teachers are always considered as GOD.  They have an influencing role in the life of every student.  They are like beacons of light.  But now, in this materialistic world, the teachers have forgotten that their main motto is not to teach a Child.  The main aim of each and every teacher should be to bring out the best in every child.

Ms. Komal Mahajan With her students

Ms. Komal Mahajan With her students

Last year, the student of Class X shared their feelings/expectations from the teacher with me.  That time, one student, Gufran Ansari said, “teachers are like parents.  They are the ones who motivate us and should try their best to raise each and every child (even the weak students)”.  He gave me a very beautiful example.  He said, “Ma’am, when I was aged 1, my father taught me to walk.  I used to fall down again and again but he gave me his hand and supported me to walk again.  He never gave up.  He added, “the teacher should be like that”  If the child is not able to perform well, the teacher should support.  Such students should be motivated  and supported by the Teachers.

But nowadays, the schools want the 100 percent result.  They do not support weak students.  That day I realized the true role of teachers.  A class Xth student has taught me a very important lesson in my life.  I can never forget this day of my life


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