Movies To Watch This Independence Day – Part I


In the spirit of our upcoming Independence Day, we decided to put together a list of movies that are bound to fill your heart with patriotism and courage. Part 1 of this list contains 14 films, not all of which are appropriate for children below the age of 13. Teachers, if you want to screen these films at school, exercise caution.

Happy watching!

1. Anandmath (1952) – Based on the novel Anand Math by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, this film revolves around the Sanyasi Rebellion which took place in late 18th century Bengal. This film also includes a popular version of our national song – Vande Mataram.

2. Baby (2015) – This Bollywood movies follows a team of secret agents called ‘Baby’, whose job it is to find and eliminate terrorists who are planning attacks at various places across India.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) – A sports film which is based on the life of Milkha Singha – and Indian athlete and Olympian, also popularly known as the Flying Sikh.

4. Chak de india! (2007) – Another sports drama, but this time a fictional account of a women’s field hockey team in India. The film deals religious prejudice and the sexism that women face.

5. Chittagong (2012) – Chittagong is an Indian historical war drama film that is based on the Chittagong Uprising of 1930.

6.Gabbar is back(2015)  – Okay, we admit, this a not great a movie. But it did have a pretty great message for young people. The film revolves around one man’s mission to expose corrupt government officials. Plus, it features a teacher as the hero!

7. Gandhi ( 1982) – A film that is based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the film looks at his life in South Africa, and ends at his assassination and funeral in 1948.

8. Holiday (2014) – The third Akshay Kumar starrer on our list, Holiday is a feel-good action movie about an Captain from the Indian Army and his fight against terrorism.

9. Indian(1996) –  The film starring Kamal Hassan focuses on ex-freedom fighter who continues to fight corruption, even in his old age and his son on the other hand who takes part in corrupt activities.

10. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (2009) – A historical Malayalam drama that is based on the life of  Pazhassi Raja, a Hindu king who fought against the British in the 18th century.

11. Lagaan (2001) – A film starring Aamir Khan, the story revolves around a small village who are challenged to a game of cricket by the British, which upon winning, they no longer need to pay taxes!

12. Lagey Raho Munna Bhai (2006) – MunnaBhai returns and this time, he begins to see the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi everywhere, due to which he begins to practice Gandhigiri!

13. Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) – There are many films about Bhagat Singh in Bollywood, but at the TTD, we like this version the best.

15. Main Hoon Na (2004) – Patriotic, but with a dash  of comedy and drama! The film revolves around an Indian Army Major who infiltrates a school, to ensure that “Project Milap” – the releasing of civilian captives on either side of the borders of India and Pakistan – can take place successfully.


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