Helplines for CBSE Post-Results Counselling


The CBSE Board started post-results counselling sessions for students and parents from this Monday.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might not get the grades you want. However, before you think of doing anything drastic because your results did not meet your expectations or your parents expectations, HOLD ON.

Results are temporary. You can always re-do examinations and defer joining college. If you need someone to talk to because you are anxious or stressed about your future and your results, you can contact the CBSE post-results helpline at the number – 1800 11 8004.  The helpline will be open from 8am to 10pm everyday till June 8th 2015.

You can reach the counsellors through email:

You can also consider calling these numbers given below:

Maharashtra State Board Helpline : 2789-3756 (8am to 9pm)

Aasra : 2754-6669/2754-6667 (24×7)

YUVA Help-line toll free number: 10580

And if you don’t feel like calling or contacting any of the above numbers, you are more than welcome to drop an email to us at We will be happy to answer any and all queries that you have or offer all the help that we can!


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