From The Trivia Vault: The Jaguar


Jaguars are keystone species. They maintain stability in the ecosystems that they live in and regulate the populations of certain prey by hunting them. Here are some interesting facts about this majestic feline.

1. The jaguar is the third largest member of the Big Cat family, after the tiger and the lion. Jaguar_animal

2. Jaguars like swimming. They also like fishing. This is why they prefer to mostly stay near water bodies.

3. Jaguars look very similar to leopards. However, while the leopard is sleek, jaguars are powerfully built animals. There is also a difference in the spots (known as rosettes) that they have on their bodies.

4. Out of the entire Big Cat family, jaguars are the ones who have the biggest chance of being nearly black or white. This phenomenon is known as colour morphism.

5. Jaguars have jaws that are strong enough to crush an animals skull. When capturing prey, jaguars tend to bite animal in between their arms, thereby fatally injuring the animal’s brain. They also enjoy crunching on bones!

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