From The Trivia Vault: The Door To Hell


1. In Derweze, Turkmenistan , there is a natural gas field that is constantly on fire!

2. This abnormality has a unique name – its called the Door to Hell!

Door_to_hell_side_view3. The gas field did not catch on fire by itself. It was instead set on fire by – you guessed it, human beings. Or in this case, Soviet petrochemical scientists.

4. When Soviet scientists discovered the field in 1971, they first wanted to assess the amount of gas that was available at the site. However, sometime later, when the ground beneath the drilling equipment collapsed and large quantities of methane gas began escaping!

5. The release of gases needed to be stopped – especially before poisonous gases began escaping so the scientists decided to exhaust the oil field by setting it on fire.

6. Unfortunately for the scientists, instead of the blaze going out in a few days, it continued to blaze and blaze and blaze! As of today, the fire has been blazing for 43 years!

7. At the bottom of the Door to Hell – which is actually a crater, there are live organisms. These organisms have adapted to the extreme conditions of their environment and are known as extremeophiles. Isn’t that cool?

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