From The Trivia Vault: Solar Flares


1. Solar Flares are tremendous explosions of energy that occur on the Sun’s surface when the energy which is stored in magnetic fields on the Sun is suddenly released.

2. In a matter of few minutes, solar flares intensely heat materials to many million degrees and produce a burst of radiation that varies across the electromagnetic spectrum!

3. Solar flares are classified according to their brightness in the x-ray wavelength.

4. The biggest most massive solar flares are known as X-Class flares and they are capable of triggering radio storms across the upper atmosphere and radio blackouts the world over.

5. The last time the Earth was affected by an X-Class flare was in 1859. This solar flare was so intense; it set telegraph systems on fire and was visible to the naked eye! Incidentally, it was also the first solar flare to be observed!

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