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We all know Pluto is no longer considered a part of our Solar System. It’s so far and distant and of course, there is the fact that it is so small.

New_Horizons_Spacecraft_Pluto_Artist_Concept_ImageBut if you think there’s not interesting about it, then you are wrong! Here are some fun facts about Pluto that are bound to dazzle you.

1. Pluto has never been visited by a space craft. This July however, that is going to change. For the first time since its discovery, we will get to see a much clearer picture of Pluto. There is a space craft currently making its way towards Pluto. This spacecraft is  known as the New Horizons spacecraft and in order to visit to Pluto, it began its journey way back in 2006!

2. What is Pluto made up of? Mostly rock and ice.

3. Pluto’s orbit around the Sun takes 247.68 years! Before Pluto could even complete an orbit, it had lost its status as a planet.

4. How small is Pluto? It is one-sixth the size of Earth’s moon. And that is very small. Because of its size, Pluto is also known as the Dwarf Planet.

5. Planets are formed through a process known as accretion – where particles of dust collide and stick together, until they  form an object known as a planetismal or a protoplanet. When protoplanets accumulate more mass and dust, they become planets. All the planets in our solar system began as protoplanets. Poor Pluto however, stayed the same way and did not grow any bigger.

6. Despite being a small planet – Pluto has 5 moons! Pluto’s biggest  moon is Charon. Charon is so big in comparison to Pluto – that sometimes Pluto and Charon are considered double objects.

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