From The Trivia Vault: Olinguito


1. Did you know that the Olinguito is the first carnivore to be discovered in the Western Hemisphere in the last 35 Olinguitoyears?

2. For the longest time, the Olinguito was mistaken for its cousin, the olingo. Only in August of 2013 did zoologists realise that this animal, was not actually the Olingo but instead a completely different animal.

3. The Olingo is a mammal which is strictly arboreal. That meansĀ it prefers to live up in the trees.

4. It can be found in the cloud forests of the Andes in Columbia and Ecuador.

5. This cute fuzzy animal weights only about 900 gms!

6. It is the smallest member of the racoon family.

7. Though the olinguito is classified as a carnivore, in actuality, it is an omnivore which also enjoys eating a lot of fruits!



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