From The Trivia Vault: Cave of Crystals


1. Did you know that the Cave of Crystals is a cave in Mexico filled with giant selenite crystals? Selenite is a variety of the mineral Gypsum.

2. The cave is connected to the Naica Mine and is situated 300 feet below the surface in Chihuahua, Mexico.

3. The main chamber of the cave contains giant selenite crystals, the largest of which till date was one that weighted 55 tons and was a whopping 39 feet in length!

4. The Naica mine lies on an ancient fault line and there is an underground magma chamber beneath the cave.

5. The magma heated the ground water in the cave and the water became saturated with minerals, including large quantities of gypsum. Subsequently, the hollow space of the cave was filled with mineral rich water, the temperature of which remained stable at 50° C for around 500,000 years!

6. Because of this stable environment, crystals were able to form and grow to the enormous sizes that they did!

7. But it’s not a cave you can exploring in. The temperatures in the cave are extremely high and so is the humidity. If a person goes in there without a protective suit, they’d only be able to stand the heat for 10 minutes!



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