Classroom Activities For Grade 1 English


In the first grade, students are exposed to academics for the first time and they tentatively begin to learn, to read and understand things. They are also taught many different English concepts.

When first graders first join class, they might find it difficult to absorb all the new concepts that they are exposed to. However, classroom activities can help them easily understand and learn these concepts. Here are 5 classroom activities that would be helpful for the English students of first grade.

shutterstock_1892194161. Picture Envelope – Toffee Crush

What You Need: Envelope, Glue, Pictures and Related labels

How: Paste a picture on an envelope and put a few word labels related to the picture into the envelope. Now ask your students to guess and read out the word labels. For every five correct answers reward the student with a toffee or candy.

Areas Of Focus: Adjectives and adverbs.

shutterstock_196220963-[Converted]2. Who Am I?

What You Need: Paper strips and multicolored markers.

How: Write the names of all your students on paper strips and ask your students to pick one strip each. Then turn by turn ask them to talk about the person whose name they found on the strip, without giving the name away. Let the other students of your class guess who the student is talking about.

Areas Of Focus: Critical thinking and narration.

shutterstock_1892193683. The Feelings Jar

What You Need: A glass jar and strips of paper.

How: Fill a glass jar with strips of papers with different adjectives written on them. Ask your students to pick up a strip, one by one and mime the adjective written on it. Allow the other students in the class to guess the answer.

Areas Of Focus: Adjectives.

shutterstock_1892236584. Dictionary Treasure Hunt

What You Need: Children’s Dictionary, Chits and a Pencil.

How: Talk to your students about the fact that there are sometimes slightly different versions of meanings for a word. Show them how to use a dictionary to find a word. Write the clues to find the words on chits and place them in the jar. Ask your students to pick one and find the word.

Areas Of Focus: Vocabulary.

shutterstock_1424878635. The Memory Game

What You Need: Students and time.

How: Make three teams of students. Tell a sentence to the first person, and ask him to add a new sentence to it. Then the next person should repeat both the sentences and add a new sentence and the game goes on till someone gets confused and misses a sentence. The last person wins.

Areas Of Focus: Listening and narrating skills.

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