A Checklist for Choosing Schools for Your Children


Choosing a school where your child experiences the most suitable educational environment for them is one of the most significant decisions you make for your child.

Here are few things you should check for before enrolling your child in a school.

shutterstock_1031568531. Focus On Your Child’s Needs

Choosing a school is not always a parent’s decision. Sometimes, children also have their opinions, possibly based on where their friends are going. Talk to your child about this and find out if he/she has different thinking terms.Talk to your child’s previous teacher and find out his/her interests. Based on these interests choose the school that suits best to your child.

shutterstock_1415819652. Kind Of School – Curriculum

When you start searching for schools, first know what type of school you are looking for (an international school, a mainstream school, a Co-ed school etc).  Also know the curriculum of the school i.e. the board of the school (ICSE, CBSE, State Board etc.), the languages taught etc. This will help a search by streamlining it.

shutterstock_1953672443. School Size

Some children do better in large schools and some others like smaller schools. State schools tend to be large, with large classes and fewer teachers. However, many of those teachers are dedicated and hard-working people who will do their best to give your child the individual attention they need. You as a parent should know and understand which environment is more suitable to your child.

shutterstock_576704744. Location

It can be really helpful if your child’s school is nearer to your place. Less commute time in the traffic and pollution is better for their physical and mental well-being. Your children can also spend more time doing real stuff – like spending time with you, playing, studying, activities etc.

5. Class Size

Number of children in a classroom also has a great effect on the students. Most children find it easier to learn when the strength of the class is less. Moreover, teachers also tend to concentrate more on the child’s progress when they have less number of children to handle in their class. As a parent, you should make sure you choose a better school depending on this check.

Vectors (331)6. Fee Structure

Every parent wants to give the best of education to his child. However, it should also be affordable. So check the fee structure of the school you select for your kid. Make sure that you ask the management about the hidden costs too. The information regarding fee structure will be available on most school websites.

7. School Infrastructure

Know about the school infrastructure. Try to find out if the classroom space is clean, tidy and inspiring. Explore the school (The computer rooms, the labs and equipment, playgrounds and open areas, bathrooms etc.) and find out if the environment inspires the students to learn. A welcoming school infrastructure is also a great factor that helps learning.

shutterstock_147056387 copy8. Background Check

Before choosing a school, know about the school. Gather information like, when it was established and what changes it underwent throughout these years etc. Collect information about the academic progress of the previous students of that school. Also check for any criminal charges on the school staff in the past. This helps you understand and know about the vision and mission of the school.

9. School Safety

Make sure that the school has a strong safety system for your children. Find out how do they keep the students safe, how do they screen visitors to the school and about their sick-child policy etc. Make sure that the school has a safety committee to whom students can directly report any kind of abuse or molestation. If not suggest the school authorities to create one.

10. Teacher Quality

Teachers are the people with most important role in your child’s education. Inquire about the qualifications and experience level of the teachers in the school. Also know how a teacher is trained in the school. Also look at the principal’s background.

11. Teaching Styleshutterstock_213493936

Ask the authorities about the teaching style that is followed in the school. This helps you understand if your child can adjust to the existing teaching style of the school. Also ask them about their assessment style.

12. Parent-Teacher Communication

Make sure that the parent-teacher communication is an essential part of the school. Ask them how to communicate with the teachers and take initiative to talk to your child’s teacher.

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