9 Things School-Leaving Students Should Know


The Board Exams for students of all streams are currently going on. After the exams are done, most students will be progressing onto college, which is a completely different world from that of school. Here are a few things that students who are leaving school need to keep in mind.

1.Everybody studies differently – Some students are capable of studying everything in short periods of time. Some students take a longer time to study. Don’t look at the study habits of others and make yourself anxious. Just because somebody finished going over the subject in a  day, it does not mean that you too have to finish the subject the same day. Take the time you need to study completely and if you are the kind who need a fair amount of time to learn, than start studying much earlier.

Everybody studies differently. What works for one person might not work for another. Create a study or career plan unique to you and stick to it.2.Hard work does help – It is not enough that  you rely on your intelligence and creativity to get you through school. Hard work also does help immensely. Nobody ever succeeded without working extremely hard, be it at academics or sports or life in general.

3.Your grades don’t matter after college – Good grades only matter up to a certain time, probably until college. By the time you start working, nobody will care about how good or bad your grades there are. You will be valued for the other skills that you have and how much work you are capable of doing.

4.Success in school is not indicative of success after school – Being successful at school, or even popular, for whatever the reason may be does not mean that the same holds true for  life after school. Similarly, being unsuccessful at school does not mean you are destined to be a failure for life.

5.A good education is extremely important – Education is important, and though there are people who tell youA good education is important. And so i working hard. Not everybody has the opportunity to study that you don’t need school to be successful, remember, one instance of success without going to school does not apply to everyone. If you are being given a good education, then make sure you make the most of it. There are other children who are not so lucky as you and who long to learn but cannot do so.

6.Play is just as important as academics – Academics are important yes, because you have a lot to learn. However, they are not the only aspect of school. Play is just as important too. Play can be anything, a hobby, an interest, a sport. By concentrating on studying alone, you are depriving yourself of the ability to have fun. By concentrating on play alone, you are denying yourself the opportunity to learn. Learning and playing in equal amounts, allows you to develop as a person.

7.It’s not the end of the world if you get poor grades – Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might not get the grades you desire. However, before you do something drastic, remember that bad grades are not the end of the world. There will always be anGetting poor grades does not mean all is lost. There is always another venue available and usually a second chance.other avenue you can follow, or something else that you can do. Your grades will have no impact on the rest of your life.

8.Nobody should force you into doing something – Your family might push you to pursue something you are not interested in. However, you do not have to listen to them. It is important that you are aware of your own interests so that when the times comes to pursue your own stream, you can decide what you want to do. If circumstances force you to pick a stream, that is okay too. What is important is that you do not lose sight of your ends goals.

9.Learn to do things yourself – Until you are in school, your parents, teachers will patiently push you to do well, remind you to turn in homework and stand up for you should you need it. However, things will not be the same outside of school. You need to start doing things for yourself, be it reminding yourself to work hard, to make an effort, to speak for yourself or even decide for yourself.


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