8 Ways To Be More Confident As A Teacher (Or How To Fake It Till You Make It)


All of us are not born confident. Rather, it is a feeling you cultivate over time. As a teacher, it is necessary that you appear confident because the more timid and shy you appear, the more your students will walk all over you.

Here are 8 ways to become more confident.

Organized teacher

Organized and prepared teacher

1. Arrive early and organize yourself – Come to the classroom before your students do and organize yourself. Keep all the things that you need for the day outside and be seated at your place. By the time your students enter the classroom, as soon as they see you already seated, they too will rush to their seats and be ready for class. If you are late, then your students too will take your class lightly and come late.

2. Be Prepared – Do your best to come to your class with all guns firing. As in, always ensure that you have something prepared for the day. Don’t ever think you can go to school and figure something out. You will barely get the time to do so and will be totally at sea when confronted with 40  faces who are expecting you to teach and can definitely tell when you haven’t put thought into your lesson.

Classroom rules

Classroom rules

3. Enforce classroom rules from day one – The key to a disciplined classroom is a disciplined teacher who enforces rules and follows through with them.When you enforce classroom rules from day one, whether you find it a pleasant task or not, your students will respect you better and look at you as a force to be reckoned. If you allow your students to do as they please, then regardless of you trying to enforce the rules or not, they will do as they wont and make teaching them a nightmare.

Confident teacher

Confident and fearless teacher

4. Walk tall and confident – Even if you don’t feel very confident about yourself, make sure that you present a confident front to the world. Your students will not know that you are quaking on the inside. Eventually, the more you appear confident, the more confident you will feel in your abilities and yourself.

5. Adopt a confident tone of voice – Students instinctively respond to a confident an authoritative voice because they know that the person behind the voice is someone to be reckoned with. If your tone of voice is questioning and tentative, then your students will not even listen to it.

6. Do not panic – In case of an emergency, it is up to you as the teacher to not panic. You are the adult here and even if you are panicking, make sure you are panicking only on the inside. Your students will probably be looking to you for support and when you panic, they will panic too setting off an endless feedback loop of panic.

Teacher with a backup lesson plan

Teacher with a back-up lesson plan

7. Always have a back-up lesson plan – While this tip may seem needlessly paranoid to you, in reality you never know when plans might go awry. There, it is prudent to keep a back-up lesson plan ready just in case your original one cannot be carried out.

8. Seek advice from experienced – Ask your seniors for advice and help whenever you can. They have been there and done it all and have a wealth of experience that can really help you become a better teacher.


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  1. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    All tips are useful and effective. I find points 3, 5 and 6 are more effective ones. Teachers must look confident and strong and same time supportive at the time of need.
    Nice article.

    • Thanks Zoya, I am glad that was useful for students. One of the biggest things about being confident is that you need to have a positive attitude, one which says, “I Can Do It”. Once you adopt that attitude, eveyrthing else is a peice of cake. :)

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