8 Back To School Ideas For Teachers


Going back to school after summer vacation is not easy. But you know what will make it easier? A little planning and forethought!

Here are our 8 back to school ideas for teachers to help you beat the madness like a seasoned pro.

1. Do That Research – Know Your Students

If you don’t want to be intimidated on your first day at school, research and know as much as you can about the students of your newly assigned class. Talk to their previous class teachers, especially if you know you are going to have a few notable hell-raisers in your class. At the very least you should be able to get a few pointers on how to deal with them. Doing research and having prior knowledge about your students doesn’t mean that you should have preconceived notions about the classroom. The research is just to prepare you for possible challenges that you face in your new classroom.

2. Redesign – An Inviting Classroom

How do you make your classroom more welcoming for your new students? Well, you don’t need an interior designer to remodel your classroom. Just stick some interesting & colorful stuff on the walls of your classroom or invite your students to decorate the walls. There is no rule book for decoration. All you need to do is make it look welcoming.

3. Have Fun – An Introductory Game

If you are teaching a class for the first time, you need to know your students. However, the students know each other already. So, using the traditional method of introduction doesn’t work the way you want it to and eventually, maintaining discipline becomes difficult. Make use of a game for introduction.

Pro Tip: You can ask your students to associate with their name, the name of a fruit that starts with same alphabet as their name. After all the students are done, you randomly pick five students and give them five fruit names and ask them to name the students associated with the fruit names. For every correct answer the students receive some goodies.

4. Give Them A Direction – Set Goals

Do not wait until the school year begins to set goals for your students. And once the school year begins, let them know of the goals you have set for them. And then, let them set their own goals too, which  should be somewhat similar to yours. Why is that? Because having shared goals enables you and your students to work harder to achieve them.

5. Make’em Behave – Set Disciplinary Rules

The first few days of school are very important for a teacher. You need to create an impression on your students and to establish a positive relationship with them. Utilize these initial days to set a tone of discipline in your classroom. Set a list of classroom behavior rules that you would like them to follow. And let them know that you will enforce these rules.

6. Know What They Know – Ask Questions

On the first day in your classroom, you might not get much teaching done. So utilize this time to know what your students have learnt in the previous grade. You might find that sometimes, you have to re-affirm the basics for your students or refresh their memories before you can begin with new lessons.

7. Keep In Touch – Contact The Parents

Send out back-to-school notes to your students’ parents and ask them to keep in touch with you for updates on their children’s performance. Do not wait for the school to schedule a PTA meeting, instead go ahead and schedule one yourself. For tips on how to schedule PTA meetings, checkout this article of ours. talk to your students’ parents regularly and share your ideas and ask for their suggestions to improve their child’s performance.

8. Mark Your Calender – Plan Ahead

Setting goals for your students is important and so is setting goals for yourself. Plan ahead about what you would like to achieve – with respect to this school year. The duration of your goals/plans are up to you, but they must not be goals that are nigh-impossible to achieve.  Set practically achievable goals and these will give you a sense of direction to work towards.

Have you used any of these back to school ideas? Have more ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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