7 Ways to Keep Your Students On Their Toes


When I was a student, there were a few memorable ( for the wrong reasons) times when my classmates and I made teachers leave our classroom in tears. Back then, it seemed funny and not mean. But in retrospect, we were such brats, filled with the brashness of youth. So here’s my admittedly late apology: 7 ways in which teachers can show their students that they are a force to be reckoned with.

shutterstock_54000739-[Converted]1.Multiple choice tests with the same option as the answer for every question. This is bound to confuse your students who will think there’s something wrong. You can give these kinds of tests to your students every time they misbehave on a large scale.Vectors (191)

2. Assign grades to homework. And let them know that there were grades assigned to the homework after the due date has passed. That way, students will not only realize the value behind you giving them homework and will also learn to take homework seriously.

3.Think of unusual punishments. For instance, if you find students talking in class, despite your repeated admonishments to them, have them come up in front of the entire class and sing a few lines of song, or invite them to have their conversation in front of everyone or right under your nose.

shutterstock_1827783354. The non-existent quiz scare.You walk into your classroom and want your students to pay attention to you. However they seem to be occupied with other things. One thing you can do is, pretend to mumble over the din and finally say in a loud voice, “Well I hope, you will be able to learn these portions for the test/quiz.”There will be pin drop silence because your class will assume that you have said something important. When they ask you to repeat it again, you can refuse to do so and instead let them worry for a while, have them apologize and then put them out of their misery. Next time when you walk in, they will definitely pay attention to you right away!

5. Give unusual homework assignments. Such as for an English class – have your students compose nonsense poems that must not even make a lick of sense. The penalty for not composing a nonsense poem? Having to memorize other nonsense poems.

6. Your students don’t find your teaching interesting. Have them teach in your place, while you can become a student and act disruptive and talkative. This will give students a taste of teaching and maybe even get them interested in a teaching career.

1 (23)7.Make your most disruptive students your teaching assistants. You might first want to run this by your principal and have them approve of this before you get started. Just as naughty children are made class monitors, when older students become teaching assistants, they have no time to disrupt the class or do other things because they will be doing your own work and helping you too! Hopefully, after a stint as teacher’s assistant they will develop a healthy respect for a teacher’s job and be better behaved in class.


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