7 Useful Media Tools For Teachers


The lives of teachers usually circulate around classrooms, students, homework, exams etc. Of all the responsibilities that a teacher handles, the most important one is to teach effectively and encourage their students to learn.

Teachers have so much work to be done, almost all of it manual and there is no way teachers can escape it. This is where technology comes in. This article incidentally relates to our previous article 7 Life Hacks For Teachers where one of the life hacks for teaching better is using technology. This article focuses on the media tools useful for teachers.

Below listed are 7 useful media tools for teachers.


1. Kidblog

Kidblog is a safe, interactive platform for students and teachers. Kidblog allows the teacher to administer and monitor all the publishing activity within the classroom blogging community. It helps your students focus on important things in the blog. Kidblog provides students with a safe and simple platform to blog. Students create content and publish them. The blogs of students are private by default and can be viewed only by their classmates and their teacher. You can also share learning content on the blog. Teachers can use comment privacy settings to prevent unsolicited comments.

2. Edmodo


Edmodo is one of the safest and simplest web-based platforms, which allows you to share learning content, assess homework and stay connected to your students. It is a social media with a safe and controlled environment suitable for schools and students. Edmodo allows the teacher to create and control a class group. It limits students from sending private messages to each other and students can only communicate with the whole class at once or only the teacher. Teachers also have an optional feature to allow parents’ access to their children’s posts.


3. brainly

brainly is an online platform that helps you with homework. Brainly allows you to help someone with their homework and in turn you can find someone to help you with your homework. Teachers can ask their students to use this platform when they are stuck with it. brain.ly also provides students with an explanation if they do not understand it. You can use this platform to create an environment where students learn through helping each other with their homework.


4. SymbalooEDU

SymbalooEDU is a very useful tool that can be used to organize and share online content on the same platform. It is useful to make a webmix, which consists of information from all your favorite websites. These webmixes can be shared with your students and even their parents. Teachers do not have to worry about sharing broken URL links with their students, you can simply add all the websites and online links you want to share with your students and organize your own webmix using the SymbalooEDU tool.


5. PlagTracker

PlagTracker is a media tool for teachers and students which helps them check the originality of any text document submitted. It also gives you a detailed report about plagiarism and provides you with links of duplicate content and their copied sources. PlagTracker has many other features helpful for teachers like student management and a tracking system, customer filter setup, grading system, bibliography check, document cross check etc.

6. Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom is an online educative platform that allows teachers to create a separate group for the students of their class and post videos, images and other content related to the concepts they teach in their class. It encourages student participation through a simple and private platform. This is a safe platform where teachers can engage their students in discussions related to educational concepts.


7. Teacher Tube

Teacher tube is an online platform where you can share videos with educational content with your students. You can also add images, audio files and other documents which help students understand educational concepts better.

These media tools help teachers take education and teaching beyond classrooms and encourage students to participate.

Have you used any of these media tools in your classroom? Are they helpful? Please share your suggestions and experiences with us in the comments section below!


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  1. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    Informative article for teachers. Teachers can easily use all websites to make teaching more effective and interesting. Can also involve students to participate.
    Out of the above seven, edmodo and brainly are useful for students to get help and required information .

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