7 Tips To Save Time In The Morning


Do you often find yourself arriving late to teach your first class? Do you miss the morning assembly? Are you often angry at your students because you skipped your breakfast? A few easy tips can help you organize your day better.

Daily planner

Daily planner

1. Plan Your Day Before You Go To Bed – Plan for the following day before going to bed. If you have already planned ahead for the next day, then you will not wake up with a  sense of urgency and anxiety. You will be able to leisurely go through your morning routine without a hitch. Planning for the next day not only includes what your are going to eat and what you are going to wear for school, but it also includes making reminders to take corrected homework along with you, to schedule an appointment with a principle, to have a one on one chat with a student etc. This does not mean you have to micro-manage your entire day  and schedule a certain number of minutes for everyday, but even making the barest of to-do lists or daily plans will make a world of difference to you.

2. Pack Your Bags And Decide Your Outfit The Night Before – Just as school children (well most of them) pack their school bags the day before, you too should pack your bag the day before. In the same way, decide on your outfit too the day before and it possible, lay out it the day before itself. All you need to the next day is finish your morning routine, wear your clothes, pick your bag and head out of the door! Don’t leave anything to be done for the next morning. You will probably not even get the time to do it.  The time you invest a day earlier will save you more time in the morning.

Social media

Social media

3.  Limit TV, Mobile Usage And Social Media – It is very easy to get distracted by morning TV shows, so to save time and to avoid arguments with your family, keep your television off during the mornings. Don’t get distracted by social media updates either or by mobile phone alerts. As much as possible, limit their usage to the maximum during mornings. Media has a way of sucking your time without even you noticing! Instead, check your social media feed or phone during your morning commute.

4. Divide Your Morning Time Between Your Family And You – If you have a family, delegate different responsibilities to your family members; involve your kids too, by assigning responsibilities suitable to their age and ability. You should not have to do everything by yourself. By delegating your work, not only do you make your own workload lighter, but you also ensure that your mornings are not stressful or rushed.

Nutritional breakfast

Nutritional and tasty breakfast

5. Have A Quick and Nutritional Breakfast – Do not skip your breakfast. You need energy to start your day and a hearty breakfast is the key to having enough energy to deal with children who themselves have vast amounts of energy. You dont need to prepare a time consuming breakfast spread. Instead, scour the internet for quick, ready to eat recipes or even ask your friends for ideas. Foods like oatmeal porridge, vegetable poha, fruit salad with cereals, vegetable parantha  are nutritional, easy to prepare and tasty too.

6. Leave The House At A Certain Time Everyday – Set a fixed at which you will leave the house everyday, so that you can get to school on time everyday. The first few days might be hard and you might find yourself scrambling to meet your time limit, but over time, it will become a habit and slowly you will tweak your morning routine to match with your leaving, ensuring that leaving on time will become a habit you cannot break.

Packed bag with essentials

Packed bag with essentials

7. Organize Your Daily Essentials Like Keys, Bag Etc – Set a fixed location for essential things like house/car/bike keys and bag so that you don’t have to spend time to hunting for them in the morning. And of course, always keep a spare set of keys in your bag. Keeping your to-go belongings organized means that as you are rushing out of door, all you need to do is grab them and keep marching.

What more factors affect your time in the morning? How do you manage time? If you have more tips please share with us in the comment section below.


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    Nice and useful suggestions .Yes , as mentioned, with little planning and organization, teachers can save time in morning and make it stress free.These tips are not only for teachers but also useful to all office goers .

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