7 Life Hacks For Teachers (To Make Your Life Easier)


It is very easy to get overwhelmed as a teacher, because there always so many things to be done.

While there is no escaping the work that needs to be done, there are ways in which you can make your work easier to do, thereby at least slightly reducing your workload. Life hacks are small tips that go a long way towards making life easier.

Here are 7 life hacks that could prove to be lifesavers for teachers.

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1. Use technology – Let it be your friend, not your foe. You can use Edmodo or Brainly, both freely available to set assignments, homework, tests, grade assignments etc. Parents can also use these sites, as can students. Similarly, you can also use sites like Khan Academy or TeacherTube to share videos with academic content with your student.

2. Everybody loves stickers – There is no age limit for gold star stickers. There is no child who is not going to be pleased by the sight of a gold star next to their name. You can have three kinds of stickers, gold, silver and bronze with gold standing for excellent, silver standing for very good and bronze for good. You can quietly put up the stickers or take them away for either good behaviour or bad behaviour whenever you want for. That way your students will have to pay attention to how they are behaving because everybody wants a gold star don’t they?

3. Engage In Shameless Bribery – Let us face facts. There is no denying that in order to get children to study or work, you have to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of them, be it no homework for that day, free time at the end of the day, two extra gold stars etc. Let us also forget that nothing is a bigger motivator than receiving a reward for doing something. So there is nothing shameless about bribery really.

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4. Board Games At School – Sometimes you simply have to leave your class to their own devices because there is something else pressing that you need to attend to. However, the thought of leaving your class to their own devices worries you because you know just how mischievous they are. Fear not, for board games are here. Push for the school administration to buy board games and keep them in stock so that the times during which teachers cannot supervise classes, children can play board games and occupy themselves as they wait for the teacher to come back.

5. Capture your classroom – You only have a limited amount of time to finish your portions for the year. However, you do know that your students could do with a little more instruction in certain areas. You can get around the lack of time by recording all the lessons that you take and giving them out to the students who need them. That way, not only can your offer them a little extra instruction, but you needn’t subject the entire class to a repeat of the lesson again.

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6. Hire Student Assistants – Need to give out homework books, hand out assignments, supervise the class but only have one person to do it? No problem. Ask your students to help. Many of them are more than happy to do tasks such as these because it breaks the monotony of simply being students. Soon enough, even before you ask them, they will begin helping you themselves.

7. Make Homework Easier To Correct – Looking through every little bit of homework can be painstaking. It simply eats away time that you don’t have. So rather than taking home a stack of books to correct, what you can do is correct homework by checking to see if has been completed or not completed.

How do you make your life easier? Share your life hacks for teachers with us in the comments section below.


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    Nice and useful Tips. The points 2 & 6 definitely going work and brings positive results and also develops some sort of bond between teacher and student.

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