7 Learning Activities for Grade 7 English


One way for your students to improve their English speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills is for them to keep practicing. This means, doing writing exercises, doing additional reading etc. Here is a list of learning and project activities that you can have your students do when in class.

1.Short Story Competition ( Within The Class)

Hold a short story competition among the students of your class. The short story can be 500 to 1000 words long and be of any genre. Give your students a months time to turn in their submissions. The prizes can be the  story getting published in the school magazine, or receiving something like a chocolate or a small treat.

2.Compose Poems

Get your students to compose poems, especially rhyming ones. Composing poetry will help your students understand symbolism, metaphors and other figures of speech.

3.Creating Short Comics

Divide your students into groups of 4 or 5 for this activity. Each group needs to create a small comic which they have to write and illustrate as well. Creating comics helps students figure out how to outline stories and plot them, which in turn improves their thinking and comprehension skills.

4.Essay On Additional Reading ( A Book of The Student’s Choice)

Over a short stretch of holidays like the Puja holidays or winter holidays, make your students pick a book of their choice (before they leave for the holidays that is) and ask them to write a reasonably long essay on the book, whether they enjoyed the story , aspects of the story that they did not like and even a few suggestions of their own.

5.A Biography On A Family Member

Combining article writing with writing a short biography. Ask your students to write a biography on a family member who they admire. When they submit the biographies, you can have the best ones be read out in class.

6.Budding Advertisers

Writing short and snappy slogans is a great way to get students to write concisely, within a certain limit, with a certain amount of flair. Ask your students to create slogans of their own for a list of brands which already have slogans of their own.

If you are going to use these project and activity ideas in your classroom, then do let us know about the results! If you have any ideas to share with us, please share them in the comments section below!


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