7 Extracurricular Activities I Wish Most Schools Had


Academics are important for high school students, as high school grades play an essential role in their college acceptance. Teens are encouraged a lot by their teachers and parents to study so that they succeed in their career.

However, academics are not the only essential component of a well-rounded education. The other important component of a well-rounded education is extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are very important because they allow children to develop hobbies or interests and teach them that there are other things to life than only studying. Having various community clubs in schools and encouraging students to join them helps them explore their interests and live their passions.

Here are few extracurricular activity club ideas that you can have in your schools

Students in sports club

Students in sports club

1. Sports And Games Club

Extracurricular activities like Cricket, Basketball, and Football etc are great fun and also a very easy way to make students realize the importance of team work. Students who athletically inclined can join sports like Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Table Tennis etc and students who refer sports of the mental kind can play games like Chess, Caroms etc.

2. Creative Club

Students in creative club

Students in creative club

A creative club is very important for any school, because it acts as a platform for number of students in the school who have various creative talents. Students who have an interest in writing, drawing, painting, craft-making, cooking etc can join the club and improve themselves. Students who are good at an art can also teach other students who are interested. They can also show their talent by participating in school events that involve creativity.

Volunteers' association

Volunteers’ association

3. Volunteers’ Association

Volunteers’ association is an extracurricular activity club for students who are interested in helping the needy by rendering their service to them and also for students who would like to represent their school by volunteering any cultural and technical events. Volunteering does not only mean volunteering social activities outside their school but also within the school. Usually, the volunteers do things like organizing events for charity, spreading awareness among students about important things, maintaining discipline etc.

Music/ Drama club

Music/ Drama club

4. Music / Drama Club

Music / Drama club is an extracurricular activity club for students who are interested in music and acting. Students interested in music can be anyone who sings or plays an instrument or someone who has a great sense of choreography. Students who are interested in acting or who have a passion for organizing a play effectively can also join the club.

Language clubs

Language clubs

5. Language Clubs

Language clubs are extracurricular activity clubs for students who are interested in a particular language and want to meet like minded students. For examples, students who are interested in French, speak it or want to learn it can get together and form a French club, where not only do they converse in French, but they also teach others who are interested and participate in various fests and school events.

A student from martial arts club

A student from martial arts club

6. Martial Arts / Fitness Club

Martial arts/ Fitness club is an extracurricular activity club for students who are interested in martial arts and physical fitness. This club helps students learn and teach different self-defense techniques like Taekwondo, Karate etc and also encourages students who are interested in other fitness activities like Yoga and Aerobics. The students from the club can participate in different fitness programs and even hold classes for students who are interested in learning martial arts or fitness, but not on a large scale.

Technology club

Technology club

7. Technology Club

Technology has become a very essential part of our lives, and the different uses of technology have left many people wondering about it. Students have also developed a deep connection with technology and are interested to know how technical devices work. If given proper guidance and opportunity they can also invent new technological devices. For students who are passionate about technology and technology freaks the technology club is a best place to experiment and learn things.

Do you wish to add any other extra-curricular activity club to the list? Please share your ideas with us in the comment section below!


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  1. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    Yes, as you mentioned , children need extracurricular activities to develop themselves.
    Both teachers and parents have to encourage students to participate.

  2. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    We can divide the said activities into two types as indoor and outdoor. when it is indoor activity like creative, language and technology clubs, students sharpening their brains, in particular .
    when it is outdoor, students are going to develop both mental as well as physical strengths.
    These activities rejuvenate their body and brain and gives them fresh energy to explore.

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