6 Websites To Practice English Grammar


In order to learn grammar better, students need plenty of practice. However, a teacher cannot keep giving out grammar worksheets either because that is not practical or conducive for her.

Here is where the internet can help. There are plenty of websites that offer grammar instruction as well as numerous grammar exercises.

Online education can be just as effective as education within a classroomHere are 6 websites that give offer good grammar instruction as well as exercises. However, they are only suitable for students from Grade 9 to Grade 12, though there are a few exercises that younger students can attempt too, should they wish to do so too.

1. Guide To Grammar And Writing – One of the most comprehensive resources available on the internet, this website offers detailed help and instruction and has many different grammar exercises based on varying levels of difficulty.

2. Grammar Bytes – A fun website, which actually offers explanation for both right and wrong answers, Grammar Bytes offers plenty of grammar exercises though some of them might sometimes get repetitive.

When, Where, What, Who, Why and How - Grammar rules

3. Blue Pencil Online – This website offers really tough exercises which would be well suited for students who are in the 12th grade. As an additional motivator, when doing the exercise, if the user ask for help or uses a hint, marks are deducted from the total.

4. D’Youville College’s Online Learning Centre – D’Youville College’s Online Learning Centre, also known as the Online Writing Lab offers simple instructions and easy exercises which can be done by students in high school as well as college.

Children utilizing computers within a classroom5. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab – Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab offers handouts and as well as a little instruction on the different aspects of grammar along with helpful examples that make the concept easy to understand.

6. English Page – This website has a truly vast number of grammar exercises. This website is especially useful for students who are thorough with their grammar concepts but need exercise practice.


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