6 Ways To Prepare Your Students For Exam Season


It is already March and the final exams are just around the corner.

As a teacher, all you can think of is your students’ scores and different ways to prepare them for the exam season. Here are few tips for you to prepare your students for the upcoming final exams.

shutterstock_1969269711. Assign a portion of the syllabus to each student to teach – After you complete teaching the prescribed syllabus in your class, it is time to test how much your students have understood. So assign a portion of the syllabus to each student of your class and ask them to teach in the class. This helps them understand the subject better. Also encourage other students who are listening to  the lecture to raise questions. This allows them to stay alert during the class.

shutterstock_1827783352. Surprise practice tests – Inform your class that you will be conducting practice tests without any prior intimation and that their scores in these surprise practice tests will be added to the term examinations. This will help them be prepared always and stay focused on their studies.

shutterstock_445136713. Peer- assessment – Allowing students to assess their peers helps them understand the possible mistakes that they could make in their exams. This helps them correct themselves as well as their friends. This also helps them understand on what basis scores are given to them.

4. Fun breaks – Fun breaks are equally important during exam preparation. Allow your students to have a leisure hour where they do nothing but just relax.

On a long tiresome, exam preparation day, a fun break could help students take their mind off studies for sometime and refresh their minds. This will help them stay more focused when they start their study hour again.

5. Communicate with parents – Communication with parents is really important, particularly for students of higher grades.

Vectors (296)As a teacher it is your responsibility to inform parents about their children’s performance. It is important that you discuss with the parents about the issues faced by the students so that you can come up with a solution or a plan to help them with their studies and scores.

6. Remember, each student is unique – Do not judge your students based on their scores.

shutterstock_186740711Every student is unique and needs to be given equal attention as their peers. Do not divide them based on their previous scores in practice tests. Every student just needs someone to motivate them and believe in them. Show them that you trust them and they are no less than any other student in their class.

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