6 Project Ideas for Class 11&12 History


Class 11 and 12 are pretty important in the grand scheme of things because they help prepare students for college academics.

However, it can often times be a struggle to take students through the lessons because the content can be pretty heavy and students tend to tune out fast when there is nothing to engage them. So how do you make 11th and 12th History, engaging and fun? The answer as always is, project activities! Project activities offer students a chance to engage in learning other than book-learning.

Here is Part II of our list of  fun project activity ideas that can be utilized for history students of class 11 and 12.

Ancient currency

1. What – A Project On Origin Of Currency 

Why – So that students can not only learn about the origins of currency, but also how it gained value and also learn how a unified financial system was created in the world over time.

2. What – A Project On The Effect Of Industrialization On Women And Children

Why – So that students can understand the different ways in which industrialization affected women and children, and how it affected agrarian societies as well.

Various cultures

3. What – A Project On The Different Cultures In The World

Why – So that students know about cultures other than their own. Assign a particular country’s culture to each student so that can focus on that extensively. Since this project is probably going to be on a large scale, you can ask them to include presentations, art and reports too to the project and it can probably be one of the final projects that they do on a large scale.

Fun-way demonstration of significant historic events

Acting out significant historic events

4. What – A Timeline Of The Greatest Empires In The History Of The World And Significant Events That Occurred Under Their Rule.

Why – So that students gain knowledge about significant historical events that occurred in past. They also get to explore and know about different empires, emperors and the qualities that made these empires powerful.

5. What – A Project On The European Renaissance

Why – So that students can learn about the impact the Renaissance had as a cultural movement, how it changed art, how it lead to the spread of learning as well as the many scientific discoveries that were made during that time. As a bonus, students can also do a small biography on any one famous person who lived during the Renaissance age.

Most decisive battles of history

A historical battle in progess

6. What – A Project On Most Decisive Battles Of The World Before The 20th Century

Why – So that students can easily remember these wars and battles when they are asked about them during exam time.  You assign a wars or battles to each student and ask them to create project reports on those wars/battles alone and how they affected the countries/kingdoms/people who participated in them.

 Have you utilized any of the above mentioned project activities for your 11th & 12th class History students? Did your students find these activities interesting? Please give your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!


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    All projects are not only fun but also very informative and educative. The history students are definitely going to develop their knowledge in this regard.

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