6 Project Activities for Class 11&12 History – Part I


Class 11 and 12 are pretty important in the grand scheme of things because they help prepare students for college academics.

However, it can often times be a struggle to take students through the lessons because the content can be pretty heavy and students tend to tune out fast when there is nothing to engage them. So how do you make 11th and 12th History, engaging and fun? The answer as always is, project activities! Project activities offer students a chance to engage in learning other than book-learning.

Here are 11 fun project activity ideas that can be utilized for history students of class 11 and 12.

Industrial revolution

Industrial revolution

1. What – A Project On The Industrial Revolution

Why – So that students can learn about how advances in technology changed industries around the world and impacted the daily lives of people. This project will also help students know how the Industrial Revolution changed societies, which had been agrarian up until then.

2. What – A Timeline Of The 20th Century

Why – The 20th century was the first time, the world was engaged in not one but two global wars which drastically  reorder country demarcations and toppled kingdoms. Creating a timeline of the 20th century will help students because the project will act as a ready reckoner when students want to revise. Important events can be given a line of text, which extremely important events can be detailed with text and pictures. Check out this link for a whole host of timeline ideas.

Ancient languages

Ancient languages

3.  What – A Project Report On Different Ancient Languages

Why – So that students may learn about how early/historical people communicated, about the wealth of languages that exists and as well as languages that are no longer in use. You can ask your students to do project report on 4 to 5 ancient languages so they don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer choice that is out there! As a bonus, you can also teach them about how languages are constructed.

4. What –A Project On Pre-Historic Cave Paintings

Pre-hestoric cave paintings

Pre-hestoric cave paintings

Why – So that students can understand that art has existed since the dawn of human civilization, and that is not only a mark of advanced societies. You can also ask students to include a section which is devoted to the Bhimbetka Caves alone.

5. What – A Project Report On The Emergence Of Modern Humans

Why –  So that students can learn about how much we have evolved to become what we are today, and also so that they can learn how early humans lived, how they progressed to farming, living in houses and engaging in agriculture. The project will also help students gain insight about the tenacity of early humans and how they lived despite the sparse conditions at that time.

7 wonders of the ancient world

7 wonders of the ancient world

6. WhatA Project On Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

Why – So that students can know about the wonders that existed before people started travelling. They get an opportunity to explore the ancient Greek history and know more about art and architecture of that time.

Have you utilized any of the above mentioned project activities for your 11th & 12th class History students? Did your students find these activities interesting? Please give your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!


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  1. Abbas Khaleel SM on

    Very informative article.
    All project activity ideas are really great and one can work on them.
    When it comes to students, they are going to learn without their knowledge all about our history, while doing these projects.

    • Yes, project activities help students learn History in a fun way. I am glad you found the article informative Mr.Abbas.

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