6 Art Projects From Recycled Materials


Art projects are always fun to do because art can be made from any material, be it paper, leaves, bottles, cloth etc! Here are a selection of art projects you can make with your students from ordinary, everyday materials!

Paper Plates & Cardboard Boxes For A Small Garden shutterstock_173985689

You will need: Paper Plates/Paper, Old Cardboard Cartons, Watercolours, Paintbrushes, Smocks/Old Shirts.

The complexity of this activity can be scaled up or scaled down, according to the age of your students. Younger students can create simpler gardens while older students can make their gardens as elaborate as they want.

Find more instructions here.

Coasters from CD’s : (For 6th Grade)

You will need: Old Scratched CD’s, Poster Paints

This activity is an excellent way of re-using all the old CD’s that are lying around a student’s house or even old CD’s that you may find lying around school.

Find more instructions here.

Vectors (109)Newspaper Murals : (For 10th Grade)

You will need: Old Newspapers, Safety Scissors, Chart Paper, Glue

Newspaper murals are a fun and tidy way of creating art. All your students need to do is trace out the art they want to make on chart paper and then fill in the tracings with newspaper strips.

Find more instructions here.

Bottle Cap Art : ( For kindergarten and 1st Grade)

You will need: Old Bottle Caps, Strong Glue, Chart Paper, Sketch Pens

Old bottle caps can be used to make a wide variety of art. For young students, they can be used to make small colourful bottle caps animals.

Find more instructions here.

Blow Straw Painting

You will need: Straws, Plastic Spoons, Chart Paper

Painting that does not need brushes? It is possible. While blow straw painting can be created by students of all classes, it would be prudent if only students of higher classes did it.  Since it involves blowing through a straw, there is a slight chance that younger students might suck in the paint accidentally.

Find more instructions here.

Leaf Print Collages ( for kindergarten)

You will need: Dried leaves/Fallen leaves, Chart Paper, Poster Paints

Leaf print collages are extremely simple to make and the end result looks very decorative.

Find more instructions here.


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