5 Ways To Make Your Classroom More Learning Friendly


Learning can happen anywhere. While obviously it is not going to happen while one is sitting in the trees or jumping up and down on a trampoline, the place where learning happens, can actually affect how much learning happens.

Similar to how a student can blossom when placed in an environment that is positive and encouraging, the rate of learning that actually takes place can be further improved when it happens in an environment that is conducive to learning.

Here are 5 ways to make your classroom more learning-friendly.

Make your classroom colourful1.A bright and cool classroom – A classroom that is colourful and bright is inviting to study in. Get the school administration to ensure that the classrooms are painted in cool or bright colours such as yellow, lavender, blue etc. These colours allow light to filter in and always make classrooms inviting instead of forbidding.

2.Decorate the walls – Instead of having the walls be bare, encourage your students to put up their artwork all around the classroom, place their projects on the shelves and if would like to, hang decorations from the fans and the ceilings. Just as furniture and objects make a home look lived in, art work, projects and decorations make a classroom look like a place of learning. The idea is here not to make your classroom look like a model room but rather a place which invites students to learn.

A carton full of art-materials3.Noise and laughter and ideas – Pin-drop silence is necessary when you want your students to work or to listen but it is not something that should exist all the time. Let lessons be boisterous and filled with laughter. Allow students to talk, argue and debate. And of course, discipline them as necessary. Students are not just receptacles that need to be filled. Rather they should be active participants in the process of learning.

4.A carton full of art-materials and toys and games – Having a carton filled with art materials and toys and games that is kept in the classroom can actually be handy, especially if you teach younger classes. Whenever you have listless children or a lesson that is getting to hard and boring, this carton full of fun things ( you can give it a fun name like Magic Box for example) can be used to get your students back on track or pep up a lesson that threatens to get boring.

5.You are not just a teacher – Sometimes you should be a student be too because while you have plenty to teachTeachers play more than one role within a classroom your students, they too have plenty to teach you, whether its with regards to becoming a better teacher or even learning something new. While you may be an adult now who molds young minds, this does not mean that the process of learning stops. Make sure you keep an open mind and you will constantly be surprised by your students.


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