5 Ways To Help Decorate Your Classroom For Christmas!


The month of December is finally upon us. And that means one thing – its time for Christmas!

Most schools have special Christmas programs right before the school breaks for the winter holidays. If you are stumped about how you and your class can contribute to the Christmas special, we at The Teachers Digest have a few ideas to help you out!

1. Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes

This cute video shows you how to make snowflakes from sheets of paper! All you need are loose leafs of paper and a pair of scissors. Once you are done following the video, you can hang up the snowflakes around the classrooms and even send them home with your students. If your students are high-schoolers, then you can simply point out this video to them, so that it makes their job of decorating the classroom easier.

2. Christmas Paper Wreaths

Materials required – Green Crepe Paper, Paper Plates, Scissors, Red Crepe Paper, Gold/Silver Foil paper.

Cut out the center of the paper plate ( or alternatively, you can keep it and write a greeting on it), tears the crepe paper into strips ( for younger students), while older students can cut the crepe paper into a simple approximation of holly leaves. Once this has been done, stick the crepe paper on the plate, sprinkle with glitter or alternatively add a few shiny holly berries for decoration!

3. Plastic Icicles

Materials required – Plastic bottles, Candle, Scissors, Knife, Nail or Needle, Wire or Thread

This video is slightly blurry but at the same time, it demonstrates very nicely how to make icicles from plastic bottles!

4. Paper Garlands

Materials required – A length of Twine/Yarn, Chart paper, Strong glue, Scissors.

First, cut out small Christmas trees, snow men and holly leaves from all the chart paper you have. Once you are done cutting out these decoration, you and your students can colour and decorate them accordingly. After that, paste these decorations on the yarn/twine and keep it aside so that the glue can dry out evenly. After the glue is done trying, hang up your new paper garlands!

5. Paper Snowmen

Materials required – Cotton, Glue, Chart Paper

Paper snow men are pretty simple to make. All you and your students need to do is paste cotton in the shape of a circle on the chart paper and cut out small sticks for hands and a nose and small circles for eyes. Then paste the cutouts onto the the cotton snowmen and voila, your cotton snowmen are ready to hang up around the classroom!


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