5 Ways To Encourage Pro-Environmental Behavior In Students


It is never too early to cultivate a love for the environment in children and to encourage them to protect the environment.

Here are 5 ways in which you can make your students more environmentally conscious.

  1. Practice Recycling
  • Start a student-run recycling club, where students actively participate
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    Student holding a recycling bin

    by collecting trash in separate bins and also learn about recycling and re-using.

  • Allow members to create awareness among students and teachers at the school.
  • Use posters, morning announcements to do this.
  • Assign different projects that use recycled material like outdated newspapers, magazines and drinking containers etc to the students.
  1. Organize Walk -to-School day
  • Introduce the concept of Walk-To-School day.
  • Encourage students who live close by to walk to school rather than using motor vehicles like buses and cars for transportation.
  • Help them understand the effects of pollution from motor vehicles.
  1. Schedule environmentally informative field trips
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    Trip to an organic farm

  • Take students to environmentally informative trips.
  • Take them to a local land fill and show them that even easily decomposable trash like stale food and newspapers take a long time to decompose.
  • Take your class on a trip to a local recycling centre. Students can see how plastics and newspapers are recycled and reused.
  • Take students to an organic farm where they personally see how vegetables are grown and how animals are raised.
  1. Reduce use of electricity
  • Make students cultivate the habit of turning off electronics that consume lot of energy after their usage.
  • The advantages of renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy etc. should be demonstrated to students.
  1. Make school a litter-free zone
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    Children cleaning up litter

  • Make a team of students implement and inspect the ‘litter-free school’ concept in school.
  • Reduce wastage and littering by introducing organic composting.
  • Encourage students to dispose organic wastes like stale food, paper etc in organic bins so that they can easily decompose.
  • The compost can later be used as manure for the school garden.
  • Reduce the usage of plastics in school, instead use biodegradable material.
  • Reduce the usage of paper in school by using e-mails to send weekly newsletters etc.
  • Provide certificates of appreciation to the students of the team.

Have you used any new ways to encourage a love for the environment among your students? Please let us know about your experiences and opinions in the comments section below!


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  1. A very good and helpful article….! Adding to this, CLASSROOM DISCUSSIONS (asking questions that require opinions and ideas such as: Where do you think that insect is going? Isn’t the sky beautiful today? why is it so hot today ?why the plants in the school garden are green? etc) will be a good activity which makes the children to think about why what and how it is , give their views and also know the actual facts and beauty of environment, which makes them wonder and curious about the environment. The teacher’s role in creating environmental awareness is to model awe, respect, and wonder.

  2. That’s a very nice article if everyone follows it then I can say surely that we will make the Earth pollution free and a better place to live.

    • Rohia Munavar on

      Thank you Reyyan. We are glad that you want to make the earth a better place to live.

  3. This article is really useful, It is important that the younger generation understand the value of their environment. All the ways mentioned above are simple and this makes it easy for them to be implemented. However, the ‘Walk-to-School day’ concept looks practically impossible for Indian schools because most students stay far away from their schools may be you should make it ‘No-motor- Vehicle day’ instead.

  4. Sudheer Reddy on

    Nice article to encourage the student’s in cultivating the good social habits not to turning for the dreadful digital life.Hope to see the best articles for the next generations to sought out the importance of social life importance .