5 Project Activity Ideas for Class 9 Science


Class 9 is often overshadowed by the looming spectre of Class 10.

The portions of Class 9 are hastily rushed through so that teachers can get a head start on Class 10’s portions.  However, if the concepts of class 9 aren’t rooted in certainty, then trying to get your students to understand class 10 concepts is going to be an uphill task.

Frequent tests aren’t an option but project activities definitely are because not only do they allow children to do something fun and creative, they also allows children to learn more at their own pace.

States of Matter

States of Matter

Listed below are 5 project ideas for Class 9 Science.

1. Activity One

What: A Pictorial Project Report On The States of Matter

Why: To refresh the concepts of states of matter and to learn more about the Bose-Einstein Condensate and Plasma.

How: Ask your students to submit a project report  on the different states of matter and make them include an additional section on the other two states of matter and their discovery. You can ask children to make most of the report pictorial so that they will find it easy to do and also enjoy doing it.

Animal Classification

Animal Classification

2. Activity Two

What: A Detailed Pictorial Tree Map of the Classification of All Living Things

Why: To learn about the system of classification of living things and the diverse nature of life.

How: Ask the students to create a chart which has a fairly detailed tree map of the classification of living things on chart paper. You can ask them to use pictures to illustrate the classification. This may be a time-consuming project but it will have the effect of helping them learn about the different classifications of living things.

Isaac Newton discovers gravity

Isaac Newton discovers gravity

3. Activity Three 

What: Theatrical Demonstration of Newton’s Laws of Motion

Why: Because Newton’s laws of motion are fundamental to learning physics and also so that the children understand the laws better.

How: Divide the children into groups, give them two or three days to prepare and make them act out Newton’s three laws in class. Acting out the laws should give the students a better understanding of the laws.

AIDS Awareness

AIDS Awareness

4. Activity Four

What: A Project Report on AIDS

Why: To create awareness about AIDS and the human body’s immune system.

How: Ask the students to do a project report on AIDS, where not only do the students need to provide information on the disease, but they also need to list out the treatment for it, the cure for it any and also devote a section of the report to the social stigma that AIDS sufferers face.

5. Activity Five

Children Doing Chemistry Experiment

Children Doing Chemistry Experiment

What: 10 Examples of Chemical Reactions Which Happen Naturally

Why: To know more about chemical reactions

How: You can ask your students to do a research assignment where they need to find 10 examples of chemical reactions that happen naturally, without any human interference.

If you are going to try out any of these ideas in your classroom, do let us know how it went! And if you have any suggestions for project ideas, then please do share them with us in the comments section below!


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