5 Project Activities for Class 8 Science


Science in Class 8 is where things start getting slightly more complicated.

It is no longer filled with simple concepts. Instead, children learn about the different organisms that exist, both simple and complex. They learn what the earth is made up of and so on and so forth. Project activities are a great way of seeing how much the children have understood and how you can help them understand better.

Here are 5 fun project activity ideas for class 8 science!

Amoeba, Paramecium

Amoeba, Paramecium

1. Activity One 

What: Clay models of different microorganisms like amoebae, paramecium, chlamydomonas etc

Why: To learn about unicellular microorganisms, and all the functions that their bodies perform.

How: Ask your students to create clay models of microorganisms using plasticine and play dough, with all the parts of the organism neatly labeled. When they are done with the project and have brought it to class, you could also randomly call on the children and quiz them about the organism’s functions.

2. Activity Two

Hydrogen and Gold

Hydrogen and Gold

What: A comparative chart of metals and non-metals

Why: To learn about the various metals and non-metals that are found all over the earth, and the different ways in which they are utilized by human beings.

How: Ask your students to make a comparative chart which lists out 10 of the rarest metals and non-metals and 10 of the most common metals and non-metals in the world.  Also ask them to include the percentages in which the metals and non-metals are found and their uses as well.

3. Activity Three

What: A pictorial timeline of the history of fossil fuels

Coal burning

Coal burning

Why: To learn about fossil fuels, how they were created, their use and importance, the scarcity of fossil fuels and how fossil fuels can be replaced by alternative forms of energy

How: Ask your students to create a pictorial representation of the history of fossil fuels. The pictures need not be hand drawn, they can be cut outs and collages and along with the pictures, ask them to write two to three lines which describe the pictures. After everyone submits their projects, you can have a class discussion on alternative sources of fuel and energy and how the world could benefit from them.

4. Activity Four

What: Natural Weather Phenomena (Depicted through Small Group Skits)

Natural Phenomena

Natural Phenomena

Why: To learn about different natural weather phenomena and their effects

How: Divide the class into groups, with each group being named after a natural phenomenon. Students show how these natural phenomena behave as well as all the destruction and damage that they cause and the safety measures one can take when subjected to natural phenomena like floods, heavy rain, snowfall etc. You could also ask them to do a little extra reading and find out about the different natural weather phenomena that India experiences.

5. Activity Five

What: 3-D Cross-Section Model of an Animal Cell

Cross-section of animal cell

Cross-section of animal cell

Why: To learn about animal cells and the cellular functions that a cell in a multi-cellular organism performs.

How: Ask your students to create a 3-D cross-section model of an animal cell, with all the parts of the cell neatly labeled. When the students are finally done with this project, you can arrange for the projects to be displayed at a place in the school and invite the whole school to have a look at them.

Do you have fun ideas for Class 8 Science project activities? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below!


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