5 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers


The year is drawing to a close and resolutions are all the rage. But the thing about resolutions is that most of them tend to fizzle out by the time January 31st, 2015 comes around. This tends to happen because we make the mistake of setting extremely lofty goals for ourselves. Resolutions need to be attainable, not un-achievable!

So what kind of resolutions should you be setting for yourself? Here are a few things we at The Teachers Digest have thought of.

1. Stay positive

The year is almost at a close. Three more months to go before the year ends. Okay, wait. That should not be your sole reason to be positive. The winter break is over and you might find it hard to get into the teaching groove. However, a negative attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere. A cranky you means cranky students which in turn means a classroom with no productivity at all. So remain positive and make sure that you make the last few months of the year count for your students.

2. Begin preparing for the year ahead

It’s never too early to start preparing for the year ahead. One of the ways to prepare ahead is to first get some feedback from your current class. Children tend to offer unvarnished and sometimes blunt opinions. Instead of being offended if they say something that irks you, consider that opinion and see how you can improve from it!

3. Set a few personal goals too

All your resolutions should not be professional related only. For instance, set a goal where you ensure that you get enough sleep for the year. Or you can set a goal where you ensure that in addition to your normal diet, you make yourself eat healthy once or twice a week. Personal goals like these, (attainable ones especially) go a long way towards ensuring professional success too.

4. Bond more with your students

Okay so maybe you weren’t able to get to know them very well during the beginning of the year. But that’s alright. You still have a few months left to get to know them. Bond with them so that you learn from them and also so that they remember you even when they are long gone from school.

5. Keep your cool

Most of the time that is. Losing your temper every once in a while will keep your students on their toes. However losing it all the time just makes you look bad in front of your students. They will begin to start fearing you and any learning that happens, will not happen because of interest, but will happen out of fear of you!

What resolutions have you made? Share them with us in the comments section! :)


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