5 History Videos for 9th Grade


Illustrated videos are a great way of transmitting information (especially important information) without the seriousness of the subject matter overwhelming the information that needs to be taught or absorbed.

Here are 5 history videos that you can watch along with 9th grade students!

1. World War II – World War II was one of biggest game-changing wars of the 20th century. However, the war covers a wide expanse of events involving a lot of different events and countries, which can sometimes get a little overwhelming at times. This video takes you through some of the most important aspects of World War II and that too in the space of 10 minutes!

credit: crashcourse

2. The Russian Revolution : Vladimir Lenin – This starkly animated video will give your students a different perspective of the Russian Revolution, and why exactly it happened. The video also talks about Lenin and why he made the decisions he did and how exactly Stalin took over.

credit: alex gendler and brett underhill

3. The French Revolution – The French Revolution is one of those revolutions we learn about because about how it affected the modern world and the how it signaled the fall of monarchies and the rise of democracy and nationalism. This video focus on the French Revolution, how it came to be and what was the outcome of the revolution.

credit: crashcourse

4. The History of Colonialism – Once WWI and WWII, a lot of the former colonial powers such as a Britain, the United States etc experienced a serious loss of power because not only had the aforementioned wars depleted a lot of their coffers, but also because a lot of the colonies they had formerly ruled over now demanded their independence. This video mainly focus on India and what happened after the India began working towards independance.

credit: crashcourse

5. The Contemporary World – The video focus on the global economy that exists, how Asian countries play a part in the global economy. While it’s not exactly historical in nature, this video should give your students a good idea of the effects of the globalization in the world.

credit: crashcourse

If you are going to watch these videos with your students, then please do share your opinions with us (after you’ve watched them of course)!


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