5 Fun Geometry Apps For Children


One of the biggest issues ( for children who are poor at math that is) is that Math often seems dry and boring. Even in Geometry, less time is spent visually figuring out sums and theorems and more time is spent toiling away on a number of problems. So how can you push your students to do better at Geometry? One fun way of getting them to improve their Geometry or learn more  is to use technology. There are so many apps out there that help students build their skills in geometry by providing interactive representations of geometrical concepts.

Here are 5 Geometry Apps that your students might enjoy using.


Montessori Geometry App

1. Montessori Geometry

Montessori Geometry is a fun app which is particularly geared towards young learners. The app consists of different fun games and also promotes self-learning through self-correction. It helps children understand different concepts like shapes, edges, faces, vertices etc.

2. Geometry Stash

Geometry Stash app acts as a handy reference for students who want to brush up on their geometry. It contains almost all Geometric formulae and theorems. It can be used as a quick reference before exams as it gives instant access to any geometric formula or theorem.


GeoBoard App

3. Geoboard

In general, a Geoboard is a wooden board with evenly spaced pegs in it and rubberbands that can be used to create shapes and designs on it. This Geoboard is mimicked in a virtual app known as Geoboard.

This app is suitable for children up to 5th grade. This app not only allows young children to create different shapes, but it also allows older students to explore angles, fractions, areas, circumference etc.


Geometry For Kids App

4. Geometry 4 kids

Geometry4Kids is a fun oriented app that is suitable for kids up to 5rd grade. This app is like a virtual video that helps children understand the concepts of Geometry by understandable narrations and illustrations.

The app also allows users to practice Geometry problems by providing many challenging questions to the users.

5. Triangle SolverNewTriangle-Solver

The Triangle Solver app is a powerful app that helps a user solve different problems related to angles in a triangle. The app helps students understand the concept of angles and it also helps them know the properties of different triangles. Students can also use this app as a tool to self-check their answers.

Do you know of any interesting geometry apps that can be used in the classroom? Please share your suggestions in the comment section below!


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