5 Fun Apps To Learn Algebra


Most children find Algebra hard and difficult to learn. This is because as children move up through high school, simple equations become complex and there’s just no solving only for x anymore. There  is also y and z and an endless number of variables. It’s no suprise then that many children shrink at the thought of Algebra. One way of making Algebra more relatable to children (and less scarier) is using technology.

Here are a few fun (and free!) apps that can help your students understand and enjoy Algebra.


Dragon Box App

1. Dragon Box Algebra 5+

Dragon Box Algebra is an amazing combination of Algebra and games. It is useful for young learners to understand the basics of Algebra.

The caption of the app is “The Game That Secretly Teaches Algebra.” The app provides users with about 200 puzzles and different games involving solving equations and other Algebraic concepts.


Algeburst App

2. ALGEBURST: Topics in Algebra

Algeburst allows its users to play different games that involve them in equation solving. This game helps the user improve his mental math.

The objective of the game is simple, three tiles of similar terms (written as equations) need to be connected together. When they are connected together correctly, they disappear and when all the tiles disappear, the user goes to the next level.


Algebra Champ App

3. Algebra Champ

Algebra Champ is an interactive app that is specially developed for children from grades 6 to 8. The app provides its users with questions to be solved in five different rounds.

The app helps users understand the concept of ‘variables’ and solve different linear equations.


The Fun Way To Learn Algebra App

4. The Fun Way To Learn Algebra – Free Hands On Equations 1 Lite

The Fun Way To Learn Algebra – Free Hands On Equations 1 Lite is a good app for Algebra beginners. This app helps students learn and practice the fundamentals of Algebra.

The app has three lessons that give students a better understanding how to solve complex equations. The app has simple features which allows students to check their solution and get feedback on his solution.

khan academy

Khan Academy Algebra Apps

5. Khan Academy Apps

Khan Academy provides different apps for algebra (three of which have been listed below.) These apps provide users with the fundamentals of Algebra, puzzles, equation solving, factors simplification and various downloadable videos.

Do you use technology to teach algebra in your class? If so let us know of your experience with technology and algebra and if the two make a good combination!


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    nice article, all apps make children learn algebra with fun. khan academy is free online academy, one can utilise its vast online library.

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