4 Tips For Teachers To Understand Teenagers Better


For most teachers, teaching higher classes is a chore because if there is any age group which likes being difficult, it is teenagers. Teenagers can be rude, unmotivated and not at all inclined to learn. ( We should know, we all were teenagers once.)

However, let us look at it from their perspective too. Teenagers sometimes are difficult and moody because this is a trying time for them. They are experiencing a lot of growth, mentally and physically, they are beginning to make social connections, they are dealing with peer pressure, they are forming their own identities…whew sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

With a little adjustment from your side, teaching teenagers should become a breeze (hopefully). Here are four tips that will help you teach teenagers better.

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A firm and disciplined teacher

1.Be Firm – Teenagers might look like adults, but here is the catch, they only look like them. They are not adults and they are certainly not going to behave like them for another 7 to 8 years. As a teacher, be firm with them. Teenagers are still children and they do need a teacher’s guidance. Give them clear and concise instructions when it comes to school work and studying. Teenagers tend to prefer teachers who adopt a brook-no-nonsense attitude because not only does it make them feel secure, it also motivates them to work harder.

2.Be a patient listener – Teenage as we know can be a trying time. For a teenager, even the smallest of issues assume world-ending proportions.If they want to share something with you, listen to them patiently. Don’t give them advice unless they specifically ask for it. Most of the times, all teenagers want is for someone to listen to them, not to receive a lecture on how to behave.

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Engaged and attentive teenagers

3.Be humorous – Sometimes it can be hard to get through to teenagers. Nothing seems to interest them and teaching an uninspired or unmotivated class can be extremely difficult for a teacher. Don’t lose hope however because there is one thing that gets through to teenagers. Humour. Use humour to teach and use humour to get the point across. By laughing with them and laughing at yourself too, within no time, you will have a class who is motivated to learn.

4.Be a patient teacher – Teenagers have completely different learning styles from both children and adults. Remember, this the period when their brain is growing at an alarming rate. Try to figure out how the teenagers in your class would like to learn. You can do this by simply asking them. After finding out how they would like to learn, try to mold your teaching style according to them. This might take some getting used to on your part and also some patience, as your students attempt to learn, but in the end, you should get there!

How do you teach teenagers? Got any suggestions or tips? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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