4 Science Activities for First Grade


Here are 4 fun science activities you can do with your students. These experiments are easy to do and the end results with make your students feel like accomplished little scientists!

1. Run Away Pepper

What You Need: Water, Pepper, A Bowl and Liquid Soap.


2. Make A Bouncing Ball

What You Need: Warm Water, Borax, Glue, Corn Starch, Glitters and Food Coloring.


3. Glowing Water

What You Need: Highlighter Pen, A Container, Water and UV light.


4. Edible Water Bottles

What You Need: Hand mixer, Ice cube trays, A Slotted Spoon, A Small Bowl, Two Large Bowls, A Whisk, Food Coloring, Mio, 6 Cups Of Water (4 + 2 Separately), 1 tsp of Sodium Alginate, 1/2 tsp Calcium Chloride and water.




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