4 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media In Education


There have been many debates and discussions on the usage of social media in education. However, it is no secret that social media has become a part of the lives of the youth.

So teachers, if you are wondering whether or not to incorporate social media into your classrooms, here are 4 reasons why you should totally start using it today!

1. Improves communication

Social media networks are usually designed for communication purposes, but there are also few social media which are designed specifically for education market. These social media apps also promote communication among the students and also between the educators and the students.

Students feel more comfortable in asking questions online than in a classroom crowded with many other students. Social media gives them a way to express themselves and learn more through this system.

Social media in education2. Less Efforts For Educators

Social media allows students to get academic help from their friends online and thus reduces your effort as an educator. Students also can form study groups which encourages interaction among students. As educators, all you have to do is monitor their learning activities online. You can either do it offline or real-time.


3. Knowledge

Students can get updates on latest events and happenings just by spending few minutes on social media. They can search for relevant information online and enhance their learning. The ability to get essential information in a moment is one of the most influential reasons why social media should be used in education.

4. More Engaging FeaturesSocial Media In Education

Different social media have different variety of tools to help their users. These tools help your students find relevant topics easily. One of the most used tools these days is ‘#’ Hashtag, it keeps you closer to the specific information you are looking for. These social media tools make education more interesting and fun for students as well as teachers.


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