4 Fun Craft Ideas For Toddlers


Kids love getting creative – and messy! Here are four fun craft ideas for kindergarten children. Let their little hands do the activity, explore and learn, but be ready to help them when needed.

1.Giraffe From A Handprint

Handprint Art

Materials required: Construction paper, Poster paint in yellow and brown.


  • Print a single yellow handprint.
  • The palm forms the body, the fingers the legs and the thumb forms the tail.
  • Use the side of the hand to print the neck and add a fingerprint for the head.
  • When dry use brown fingerprints to make the giraffe’s spots.

Handprint crafts can also be used to make other animals like peacocks, elephants etc.


2.Paper Fans

shutterstock (7)

 Materials required: A piece of paper about 1m wide, sticky tape, sketch pens, a small ribbon.


  • Have the children decorate it however they want to, with shapes, flowers, squiggles etc.
  • Show the children how to pleat the paper into folds about a centimeter wide.
  • Make them tape the bottom of the fan together.
  • Tie it with a ribbon or a colorful thread.
  • You now have a colourful fan ready!

The fan can either be utilized by the children or hung from the ceiling or the walls of the classroom.

3.Soap Bubble Prints

Soap  Bubble Print

Materials required: Soapy water solution, white chart paper, plastic straws, food colouring, newspaper and several disposable containers.


  • Cover the table with layers of newspaper to reduce the chance of a mess.
  • Blend the soapy solution with food colouring in disposable cups. You can do this before hand and keep it ready.
  • With one end of the straw submerged in the solution, blow until bubbles rise in the cup.
  • Just as the bubbles start overflowing, place the chart paper over the bubbles, and a print of the coloured bubbles will appear on the chart paper.

4.Paper Plate Fish

Paper Plate Craft

Materials required: Paper Plates, Scissors, Sketch pens, Water colours, glue.


  • Cut a small triangular portion of the paper plate from the edge.
  • The cut portion will be fish’s mouth and the cut piece will be its tail
  • Glue the tail to the other end of the plate.
  • Use sketch pens and draw the eyes, lips and scales of the fish.

If you are going to try out these activities in your kindergarten classroom, then be sure to let us know how it was. And if you have craft ideas to share, then do so in the comments section below!


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