4 Books All Teachers Should Check Out


Reading is often a great way to get perspective on situations other than your own. As a teacher, reading is something you should do your best to make time for (if reading is not your cup of tea, you can always listen to audio versions of the same). Do make time to check out these 4 books,   which range from teacher’s experience to learning tips and classroom management tricks.

FrankStepnowskiWhy Are All The Good Teachers Crazy? – Frank Stepnowski

Teachers are supposed to be polite, well-mannered gentle souls who can control a noisy class without raising their voices. Or at least that is how everyone assumes the ideal teacher is. This is not to say that teachers like that don’t exist, but the truth is that teachers are battle-hardened warriors, who though well-mannered, know that sometimes in order to get across to children, they have to play dirty and be a little crazy.

Teaching Critical Thinking – bell hooks

Critical thinking is an essential part of learning because it helps a learner absorb abellhooks concept or a thought. Teaching Critical Thinking by bell hooks is collection of essays that addresses a broad swathe of issues from classroom management, to race, sex and gender. Though  book is primarily set within the American context of education, it does make for an engaging read.

PaulToughHow Children Succeed – Paul Tough

Here’s an interesting thought. Should a child’s success be  measured by how well they score on intelligence tests? Or should it be measured by the qualities that they possess, such as determination, tenacity, enthusiasm etc? Paul Tough makes a tough ( pardon the pun) case for why we should value a child’s intrinsic qualities over the numbers on an intelligence test.

See Me After Class – Roxanna Elden

For new teachers, the first few years are tough because these teachers are still learningRoxanna-Elden to get a handle on things. With time comes experience, but during the first few years, it is very easy to get wracked by self-doubt about one’s capabilities. Roxana Elden’s See Me After Class offers not only humourous but also practical advice about how to deal with one’s students and classroom.

If you do read these books, do share your opinions on them with us! And which other books would you recommend to your fellow teachers?


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