4 Activity Ideas for 2nd Grade English


In today’s education sphere, learning activities are quickly gaining prominence because they combine the act of learning with elements of fun, which in turn helps students retain concepts better.

Here are a selection of 4 learning activities for students of second grade English.

Word-Bubble1.Learning New Words – The younger students are, the easier it is for them to learn new words. Build your students vocabulary by hanging up word bubbles around your classroom. You can change the word bubbles weekly. A word bubble can consist of one word and its synonyms or a list of collective words. The word bubbles can act as a ready reckoner and  you can also give your students small assignments based on the words listed out in the word bubble of the week.

Journal-Entries2. Writing Short Diary Entries – You can introduce the concept of writing journal entries for your students as a fun way to document the day. Alternatively, it will also help them learn to express themselves better, learn to form sentences coherently and improve spelling and handwriting.

shutterstock_24886837 copy3. Handwriting Competitions – When children are learning to write, their handwriting is unwieldy and stilted , which is to be expected because re: they are still learning to write. Handwriting competitions are a fun way to make your students write neatly because they will want to write neatly in order to win the competition in question.

shutterstock_107169827-[Converted]4. Creating Verb Trees – By hanging up lists which contain tense conjugations of verbs, you can not only help your students learn about tenses, but also in the process, help them increase their vocabulary and learn about verbs and the functions they perform.

shutterstock_54000739-[Converted]5. Making Lists – Have your students make short lists, which can be about anything from a daily routine to a step by step list for going to the market. By having them make lists ( which follow a particular order), you can teach your students to organize their thoughts and make it easy for them to express themselves.

If you do try out these activities in class, do let us know how they went. And of course, do please chip in with examples of learning activities that you use in your own classroom!


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